Join us.

Our Vision is to help kids love God, love others, do their best, and have fun.  Come join us as we journey together in discovering the joy of knowing God!

                 Love God - Love Others

Loving God grows as we understand and receive God's own love for us.  Then, we are also able to share His love with others.  This is the essence of Christianity - love God; love people.

Do their best - have fun

Each person is unique and created by God's own hand.  Helping children understand this at an early age empowers them to do their best and have fun living out God's purpose for their life.

About us

We're dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing, and exciting environment where children can grow in their faith while having fun.  Through engaging storytelling, interactive activities, and age-appropriate lessons, we aim to instill strong Biblical values and a love for Jesus in the hearts of our kids.

Our committed team of trained volunteers ensures that every child feels valued and cared for, fostering a sense of community and belonging.